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…let the Silk Road unite us!

Moldova – Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Moldova – Chinese Chamber of Commerce is a trustful organization with big ambitions and plans.

Victor Durlesteanu

Chairman, owner

The Chamber is the first one in Republic of Moldova and the most representative institution focusing its activity on the business environment of two countries- Republic of Moldova and People’s Republic of China, thus contributing to the increase of competitiveness of the Moldovan and Chinese enterprises, to economic modernization and the promotion of the international trade. 

Membership is open to all companies and individuals that demonstrate an interest in fulfilling the purposes of the Moldova – Chinese Chamber of Commerce and can benefit from its goals and activities. Members aim to fulfil the purposes of Moldova – Chinese Chamber of Commerce; and should fully comply with the requirements outlined in the Bylaws of the Moldova – Chinese Chamber of Commerce.


The purposes of our organization consist in:

  • Representing, promoting and protecting the interests of investors from People’s Republic of China, which are present in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Launching business and legislative initiatives, that would create mutual investment attractiveness;
  • Elaboration and promotion of business projects to be implemented by entrepreneurs from People’s Republic of China which are present in the Republic of Moldova and vice versa;
  • Identification of solutions for the promotion of products and services exported from the People’s Republic of China on the markets of the Republic of Moldova on the principle of reciprocity;
  • Mutual support and promotion of the international projects to which Republic of Moldova and, People’s Republic of China are part, promotion of the image of these projects, provision of qualified assistance to the members of the Chamber, involved in international projects;
  • Development of economic diplomacy and promotion of the commercial cooperation culture between the members of the Chamber in their countries of origin;
  • Establish B2B business platforms between business representatives from the Republic of Moldova on the one hand and from the People’s Republic of China on the other;
  • Launch of creative laboratories, organization of “work-shops” and exhibitions, which would unite directly the representatives of the business environment within and outside the Chamber;
  • Elaboration modalities to efficiently achieve activities and feasible solutions for the achievement of economic goals by members of the Chamber;
  • Identification the priority sectors of the economy in order to be recommended to the members of the Chamber in order to be involved in the development of these sectors under different forms of investment;
  • Mutual support and promotion in the development in sectors of interest of the members of the Chamber;
  • Promoting the geographical premises of the Republic of Moldova and the provisions of the national legislation to increase the investment attractiveness of our country in relation to the potential members of the Chamber;
  • Developing partnerships and joint programs with public authorities to implement cooperation and economic development projects;
  • Establishment of a platform for dialogue between central and local authorities in the Republic of Moldova and investors from the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Moldova to improve the business climate in the Republic of Moldova;
  • The legal and transparent use of the means of lobbying for the elaboration and promotion to the competent bodies of the draft normative acts, regulations, instructions, memorandum, resolutions and proposals of the members of the Chamber related to the fields of activity of the members of the Chamber;
  • Effective collaboration with other associations and organizations in the country and abroad;
  • To promote the sustainable development and competitiveness of the members of the Chamber and to promote their interests locally and internationally.
  • Ensuring members with useful information to facilitate their relationships with other organizations, providing consultancy services and qualified assistance as appropriate;
  • Promoting fair competition in the economic activity and in the relations between the members of the Chamber, ensuring equal conditions for each member of the Chamber;
  • Elaborate an efficient mechanism for the study of the analytical and statistical data that would allow the research of the selling markets, which are in interest to the members of the Chamber;
  • Implementing and participating in various projects and initiatives for the non-profit sector;
  • Accessing grants, national and international funds in the interest of the Chamber, of its members, but also in the development interest of the countries where the Chamber members come from;
  • The presence of the Chamber and its members in various structures and state consultative bodies of the Republic of Moldova and the People’s Republic of China when this is permitted by law;
  • Achieving other goals that do not contravene the legislation in force in the Republic of Moldova.


In order to achieve the proposed goals, the Chamber uses the following rights:

  • appoints representatives to participate in the negotiation and conclusion of collective bargaining agreements, other negotiations and agreements with public authorities and trade unions, as well as social dialogue;
  • cooperates and can join other similar organizations from abroad;
  • can contribute to development and promotion codes of business conduct;
  • organizes events such as press conferences, colloquia, debates, information seminars, symposiums or other specialized meetings, publishing of documentary materials and any other activity for the professional training of staff in the fields of activity of its members and related environment;
  • develops various programs and projects with full or partial financing from local and international funds or from other sources;
  • at the request of its members it has the right to assist and represent them in the courts of all levels  other institutions or state authorities through their own or elected defenders;
  • intervenes on punctual issues of interest to its members, except where they lead to suspicions of anti-competitive practices;
  • elaborates strategies and policies of economic and social development at sectoral level, according to the law.

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