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… let the Silk Road unite us! 


Latest News

On 15th October 2019, the Moldova-Chinese Chamber of Commerce participated at the official meeting held between the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI).

On 3-5th June 2019, the Moldova-Chinese Chamber of Commerce organized the participation for moldavian companies at “China Brand Fair 2019” in Budapest,Hungary.

This Expo was hosted by Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China and organized by Central European Trade and Logistics Cooperation Zone(CECZ).

Today, 28th May 2019, Moldova-Chinese Chamber of Commerce was invited to an informative and practical workshop, about how to use the brand of Moldova- “Tree of Life” and “Invest Moldova”, the presentation of the brand book, the promotional materials, its identity, but also the legend behind the creation of the brand- organized by the Investment Agency from RM. This brand is a special and extraordinary one, that represents our country in all fields!

The “Tree of Life” – an ancient symbol that symbolizes life and cyclicality, eternal youth and life without death.

April 25th, 2019 Moldova-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) represented by The President – Mr. Victor Durlesteanu, was invited to the “Business Partners Appreciacion Dinner” event, organized by Turkish Airlines, a trustworthy partner of the Chamber of Commerce.

Solei Tourism, one of the members of the MCCC, was also invited to this event.

We are very thankful to Turkish Airlines for the invitation and hope for a close collaboration in the future.

In the framework of The 15th PECC Fairs & 1st PECC Business Leaders Conference , which is held on 17th April 2019, in Tianjin, was signed The Memorandum of Understanding between Moldova-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Tianjin sub-Council (CCPITTJ).

Yesterday, March 20th, 2019 Moldova-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) together with the Moldovan Investment Promotion Agency RM and the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs RM organized the delivery of the expo samples of the local products (more than 17 manufacturers) to China. The participants are cooperating with MCCC and are participating on a pro-Bono basis (without charge) at the exhibitions in the cities of Tianjin and Xi’an, China. Turkish Airlines, MCCC ‘s partner, will deliver the goods to China in the next 2 days.


27th february, 2019, Moldova-Chinese Chamber of Commerce participated in a very important wine exhibition/forum in Moldova, WineWin 2019, which becomes a platform that will meet all the current decisions that contribute to the increase of sales and to minimize the expenses of the operators on the wine market. The President of MCCC, Mr. Victor Durlesteanu had a speech on the specificity of China’s wine market entry, about the risks and real possibilities of commercialization Moldavian wine, following the model of Georgia. 


Moldova-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) received an invitation to participate in the 13th China (Henan) International Investment & Trade Fair (CHIITF(Henan)), which is to be held in Zhengzhou, China from April 8th-11th, 2019. CHIITF(Henan) is co-hosted by the People’s Government of Henan Province, the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, the China Council for the promotion of International Trade and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. Last fair attracted near 20,000 merchants from 89 countries and regions, with 321 domestic and foreign economic and trade cooperation project signed, with a total investment amount of 65.5 billion USD($).The 13th CHIITF (Henan) is to set up Comprehensive Exhibition Area, Export/Import Commodity Exhibition Area and Service Industry Exhibition Area. This Fair is welcome for all domestic and foreign companies, buyers and suppliers to participate on this event and negotiate deals.


The President of the Moldova-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) Mr Victor Durleşteanu signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Director of the Confucius Institute ULIM, Mr. Wang Yifeng. We hope that this document, will help us to deepen our collaborations with the Confucius Institute, the only one in the Republic of Moldova that offer Chinese language courses. Together, we will further promote the cultural values and relations between the Republic of Moldova and the People’s Republic of China.


 China News 

How popular is the opening of the “One Belt and One Road” trade house in Xi’an? A wave of high-definition photos is coming!

The opening ceremony of the “One Belt and One Road” Trade House in Xi’an was grandly opened yesterday. The guests and friends gathered at the scene and gathered together to present a unique “trade party” for all witnesses. Judging from the enthusiasm of the exhibitors and the audiences who came to the show, this event greatly promoted the convenience of trade between Xi’an and the “Belt and Road” countries, and injected fresh blood into the Shaanxi economy.


Moldova-Chinese Chamber of Commerce participated in the promotional event of the Republic of Moldova, which was organized by the city of Xi’an administration. Xi’an is the fourth historical capital of the ancient world, it is the starting point of the Silk Road. The city has grown rapidly both religiously and culturally, and its inhabitants have always been among the richest in China.At the following event, MCCC obtained the title of honorary member of the Xi’an City Chamber of Commerce, after which the partnership agreement, between @MCCC and the municipal consultancy company responsible for the promotion of business and international relations, has been signed.

Chairman of Moldova Chinese Chamber of Commerce- Victor Durlesteanu is on a visit to the People’s Republic of China,

on”Taicang Moldova Investment Forum”. The official delegation of

the Republic of Moldova (RM), represented by the Ambassador of the RM in China-His Excellence Denis Jelimalai, the State Secretary of the Republic of Moldova-Mrs. Iuliana Drăgălin, the General Manager of the Investment Agency of the RM, Mrs. Rodica Verbeniuc, and the Mayor of the Taicang City- Mr. Wang Jianguo, jointly participated and delivered a speech at this forum. 

On 27th December 2018, the Moldova-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) was invited to the Assembly of teachers and students of the Confucius Institute at ULIM.

Director of the Confucius Institute in the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Wang Yifeng, said that this year, the number of those who want to learn Chinese language has increased significantly, being over 1,000 students.

We were honored to participate in an event that was organized for the first time-Competition Cafe, established by the Competition Council of the Republic of Moldova and the National Anticorruption

Center. The President of the Competition Council, Mr.Marcel Răducan, and the Director of the National Anticorruption Center, Mr.Bogdan Zumbreanu, were speakers at this meeting, they presented new project-The

Anti-Corruption Cooperation Platform with the Private Sector. 

Moldova- Chinese Chamber of Commerce supports this initiative to launch this platform, which will have only a good impact for developing a positive climate for the private sector in the country.  

On December 3rd, 2018, we participated in an event organized by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, where was presented the largest exhibition-“China International Import EXPO 2019”. The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Zhang Yinghong, spoke about the main objectives of this exhibition: which is to offer other countries more opportunity and conditions for the good exports to China and the ability to create new successful trading platforms. Thus, China demonstrates its desire to open up to the whole world, its multilateral developed market. Moldova-Chinese Chamber of Commerce is open to provide Moldovan companies with the necessary support to participate in this exhibition.

 On 10th November 2018, a delegation of the Moldova-Chinese Chamber of Commerce led by President Victor Durlesteanu, as well as representatives of the Wine of Moldova Organization, participated at the China International Wine & Spirits Exhibition, which is held annually in Guangzhou, China.

Chişinău, November 6, 2018 – Deputy Speaker Vladimir Vitiuc met the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Moldova, E. Yinghong Zhang and the Moldovan-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.Vladimir Vitiuc is the chairman of the Friendship Parliamentary Group with China. The talks were attended by the President of the Commission for Foreign Policy and European Integration, Mrs.Violeta Ivanov and the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova at PACE, Mr. Marian Lupu. 

On September 17th, MCCC participated in a presentation of the exhibition “China’s Import and Export Fair” (Canton Fair), where its representatives told about the conditions of participation as exhibitor and visitor and presented the groups of products

exhibited. The Chairman of the Moldovan-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (MCCC), Mr.Victor Durlesteanu, welcomed the ambition of Chinese honored guests and emphasized the importance of opening up new horizons for the domestic producers’ exports.

We had the honor of being invited to the reception of the China Embassy, organized on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the founding of the People’s

Republic of China. So we are grateful to welcome Mr. Ambassador Mr. Zhang Yinghong and congratulate him! We wish you much success, happiness, prosperity, and peace to all the citizens of the People’s Republic of China!!!

Reasons to Invest in Moldova/Be Our Guest in Moldova

One Belt, One Road

Our Mission

Representing, promoting and defending the interests of Chinese entrepreneurs and investors in the Republic of Moldova.  

Launching business and legislative initiatives that would create mutual investment attractiveness. 

Develop and promote lucrative business projects to be implemented by entrepreneurs from the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Moldova and vice versa. 

Support and promotion of international projects as well as their image and assuring qualified assistance to the members of the Association, involved in international projects.

Why Moldova?

Favorable geographical position at the crossroads of commercial routes 

Proximity to large world markets (European Union and Commonwealth of Independent States)
Platform for manufacturing and exporting both to the CIS and to the EU 

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Competitive general corporate income tax rate in the region – 12% 
Considerable network of operational Double Tax Treaties and Investment Protection Agreements 
Market access through three Free Trade Agreements

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